Canine Male Reproduction


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Lots of males and females delivered 30 minutes before this picture was taken

The stud owners have an easier job! If you are planning to use your stud for A/I, his semen will either be chilled for immediate use or frozen for future use. Before collecting semen for breeding, it is recommended to have his semen tested for viability and chill check. If sperm count is low, thyroid tests and pills are useful.
As of October 1, 1998 a male used for chilled or frozen semen collection must have a DNA type on file or acquired at time of collection.

If the semen is to be kept viable for a prolonged period of time it must be frozen. Frozen semen is stored at -196 degrees Celsius for an indefinite amount of time. The semen can be shipped worldwide or it can remain here in Canton Tx at Champion Genetics. It is characteristic for studs two to four years old to have a high sperm count and better quality sperm than older or immature dogs.
The conception rate is equal to that of a natural breeding or is even higher. Freezing semen ensures the continuation of your stud’s genetic line through advanced medicine. Your stud can sire pups in other countries without being shipped. Meticulous documentation ensures quality and registration through AKC.